Orville Wright didn’t have a Pilot’s License…

… and that’s how I encourage myself when I start a new project.
Who knows where it is headed?

Latest Observation

Playing cards: King, Queen, and Jack

the Queen has options

The next time I happen to play Solitaire with, you know, actual paper cards — I’ve decided to change the rules a bit. If a Queen turns up at the top of a pile, and there is an empty slot available, I’m going to let her begin a row in that empty slot. Why shouldContinue reading “the Queen has options”

entrance to the New York Public Library

haiku bibliotheque

I don’t understand — it’s a building full of books — I can’t stay all day??

rose with open book pages forming a heart

haiku friday

Do you think we are influenced most by the books that we can’t forget?

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