Orville Wright didn’t have a Pilot’s License…

… and that’s how I encourage myself when I start a new project.
Who knows where it is headed?

Latest Observation

silhouette of bridge and sunset


When I read someone else’s memoirs of their sister, I run a mental commentary alongside their words. If this weren’t a library book, if it was my own paperback copy, perhaps I would scribble my reactions in the margins. Describing the author and her sister’s matching outfits in 1960s style, and recalling the fact thatContinue reading “sisterhood”

white knight and black knight facing each other on a chessboard

varying talents

Over the course of this year, a New Testament scripture returns to my mind over and over again. God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well…(from Romans 12: 6, in the New Living Translation) Wondering: Do you think I’ll ever learn to stop comparing myself (and what I am ableContinue reading “varying talents”

monarch butterfly and bee on purple blossoms

haiku Monarch-y

Butterflies are fierce! A sports team called the Monarchs should employ mascot.

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