A New(er) Blog. Why not?

Because it’s fun. And a creative outlet. And cheaper than therapy.

Who and what is behind this contribution to the Blog Universe?

  • I want to share some thoughts about random things. It’s so unfortunate when people go through life believing that they are “the only one” who has a given thought, and they don’t quite fit in with the “normal” people, and they never “find their tribe.” Since this is one of my struggles, I’m going to take advantage of Cyberspace (does anybody still use that word?) and put my random thoughts out there, dagnabbit.
  • Maybe if this blog is out there in the aforementioned Cyberspace, I’ll become more organized about writing on a regular basis. Cool.
  • If my posts succeed in encouraging anybody — if you laugh, nod in understanding because you can relate, or look at anything whatsoever from a different angle — mission accomplished!

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