child at fork in a pathway

The next generation of quiet kids can and must be raised to know their own strengths.

Susan Cain, author and speaker,

My wish for youngsters who are quiet, would be that they can grow up with confidence about their worth… and that they will see their introversion as an asset. That they will feel supported and appreciated and that their talents are just as valuable as those of kids who demand a spotlight.

As an off-the-charts-introverted Baby Boomer, I concurrently struggle with insecurity about my choices. Have I been afraid to make decisions? Nervous about failure? Terrified of doing the “wrong” thing — which often translates into fear of disapproval? Ugh. It’s a repeated battle to pull myself up from that swamp of self-doubt.

I pray that introverted kids will feel safe and assured about following their own path. That they get to bring their “quieter” gifts and talents to the world, and grow up believing that they are valued, loved, and acceptable. That it’s OK not to “fit in” and that they have many options. That “different” is a compliment.

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