Q & A Monday

Pile of AA and AAA batteries

Q: List three things that bring you energy.

A: Hearing good news from a long-lost friend, such as an old-school card in the US Mail;

Receiving positive feedback when I have helped someone feel better;

Finishing a project that has a long-awaited tangible result.

Q: List three things that drain your energy.

A: Dealing with tax forms;

Any voicemail system that forces me to give a spoken response (and then the computer invariably insists “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that”);

Being stuck in traffic. Especially without good music.

Q: List three ways to overcome those energy drains!

A: Promise myself a free, or low-cost, reward after I wrap up the tax fiasco. For example, pizza for dinner;

Technique to (sometimes) get past the voicemail maze: press 0, and find out if I can speak to an actual human. Try saying “Representative” or even, “Let me speak to a person!” It’s worth a try;

Always keep a few CDs in the car. (Yep, old-school has its advantages.) Or sing instead… make the other drivers wonder what you’re up to…

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