monday memory

image from Fraggle Rock episode about Mokey and the Minstrels
Mokey aspired to join the wandering Minstrels…

A friend asked me this morning… what do I feel is encouraging, or discouraging? And one of my first thoughts about that question: Listening (and truly being heard) is super important for me with friendships.

If you were a child in the ’80s — or (like myself) you just happened to watch some episodes of Jim Henson’s TV show Fraggle Rock even though no children were in the room — you may remember some of the characters and their gentle stories about friendship & loyalty. To this day, I sometimes consider venturing forth from my house to be a trip to Outer Space; but I digress.

I suppose, as an introvert who loves to daydream and create and explore, I always related best to Mokey Fraggle. She’s a bit of a hippie 🙂 and in one episode, she aspires to join a group of itinerant minstrels. Alone in a darkened cave, Mokey is tasked to listen for a ‘ping’… the sign that she is, indeed, destined to become a minstrel.

Does she… or doesn’t she hear that elusive ‘ping’? I can’t bear spoilers, so I won’t disclose that answer. But I loved the lesson Mokey gains… her ability to embrace her talents and share her gifts along her own special path… as long as she is open to listen!

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