Amanda stumbled into her darkened kitchen, yawning profusely. Momentarily forgetting where she had stored the coffee beans, she fumbled for the light switch and toggled it, thanking Thomas Edison for his perseverance with designing a functional source of artificial home lighting. Illumination flooded the room in milliseconds. Approaching the kitchen counter and installing a freshContinue reading “intermission”


Recently I was thinking about March Madness and how “basketball is a religion” back home. Although I don’t particularly follow sports, I’ve always held a memory of the state high school hoops championship game from my senior year. Our high school was a basketball powerhouse, and our team advanced to the high school Final FourContinue reading “remember?”

tailgate tale

Things that make you go “hmmm…” Thinking about the multitude of meanings that a small word can carry. Take, for instance, “tailgate.” Sometimes you can associate a word with “good,” “bad,” or “indifferent” memories. Good memory of a Tailgate = Riding in the back of my grandparents’ pickup truck. My older sister & I wouldContinue reading “tailgate tale”