tailgate tale

Things that make you go “hmmm…” Thinking about the multitude of meanings that a small word can carry. Take, for instance, “tailgate.” Sometimes you can associate a word with “good,” “bad,” or “indifferent” memories. Good memory of a Tailgate = Riding in the back of my grandparents’ pickup truck. My older sister & I wouldContinue reading “tailgate tale”


OK, we are all so very weary of the pandemic. Call it covid, covid-19, coronavirus, SARS-COV-2, Corona, Rona. We’re all looking forward to the day that it is in our collective rear view mirror. But while the plague’s persisting, we are continually hearing news stories of it… conversing about it… writing through it. I wonderContinue reading “Synonymously”


I like the “unlimited” feeling of writing; in the sense that you can’t run out of words. Although the “right” word loves to escape my short-term memory. Hopefully I won’t deplete my supply of words or ideas. It’s ridiculously easy to derail my train of thought, however. I wonder how many times each day (orContinue reading “Vocabulary”